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Your mind comes with an instruction manual. 

When you were divined down into this life in human form, your mind or mental sphere was created in a step-by-step process, with pure discriminative calm awareness at the centre.


Three further elements followed to complete your mental construct.


Each of the four parts of the mind have a role to play in your general mental function.


As you come to understand each one, you can navigate the mental realm more effectively, cultivate spiritual maturity and meditate more easefully.

Through a study of the mind, we end up in the heart.

Prepare to be calmed, feel supported and remember the feeling of delighted aliveness.


This 5 Day Online Workshop covers:

  • roadmap of the mind (the four parts and their functions)

  • the body, the breath, the mind and their roles in meditation

  • common barriers to meditation and how to overcome them

  • common markers of progress on the pathway inward

  • tantric meditation - kriya - stilling the mind with movement



How to do the workshop:

Join live Zoom classes daily at 9am (NZDT)

Online replays for different timezones

Content available for download


Each morning begins with a short korero (talk) on the structure of the mind and then we will practice tantric meditation - kriya - together.


Sessions run 30 - 45 minutes.

My aim for this workshop is to introduce you to a regular meditation practice and provide you with an instruction manual for your most powerful feature: YOUR MIND.


This course is for you if:


  • You think that your mind is too busy to sit still

  • You want to start meditating but have no experience

  • You wish to understand the 'mechanics' of meditation


  • You have been meditating and want to deepen your practice and knowledge

  • You feel detached from the beauty of life or disconnected

  • You suffer anxiety, sleeplessness, fearfulness

  • You are suffering with loneliness, grief, sadness or depression

All welcome.

No previous experience necessary.

***If you can't make the live dates,

purchase the course for download

and complete in your own time***